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Designed for the Anaerobic Digestion Process, the JDV TurboMixer increases the overall bacterial breakdown rate of organic materials in the digester, producing effective levels of digester gas which can be used to power the digester boiler or other plant equipment.  Additionally, facilities employing the JDV TurboMixer will realize a reduction in overall costs associated with solids treatment and handling needs due to the increased material breakdown. The JDV TurboMixer System provides discreet bubbles of uniform size and at uniform intervals for optimum efficiency of the anaerobic digestion process and prevention of the formation of scum.

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Side Mounted Bubble Generator

Increased operational Efficiencies
Isolated Gas  Flow Balancing Meter Prevents Contamination and Clogging
Smooth & wide radius edges Prevents blockage or fouling from fibrous or stringy material
Multi-level mixing capabilities Design flexibility